What's the perfect time to eat peppersoup?


In case you're wondering,yes i'm actually screaming.

I remember how foods like peppersoup, grilled fish, suya, barbecued chicken and a host of other foods were resevered for only special occasions. 

You'd find parents using such foods to convice their children to make straight A's at school or convince them to do house chores and even promising to give them such foods as birthday gifts.

When i decided to make goat meat peppersoup I had to make Boli(grilled plantain) on the side, because why not? They go so well together.

Grilling food at home has to be the best thing that happened to grilled food.

 Disclaimer: I'm not calling peppersoup a grilled food but as a hardcore Nigerian I can almost fit it in the same category as other grilled foods.

Its just like talking about barbecue chicken without barbecue sauce, a lot of Nigerians take peppersoup with grilled foods.

Peppersoup has its origins in West Africa and there are several varieties some made with assorted meats(organ meats,offals, fish head etc) but of all the varieties my favourite happens to be the one made with goat meat.

From the light watery texture to the spicy mouth filling meat parts that keep you busy and stimulate all your senses peppersoup is a delicacy that should be eaten with great joy.

Just know that whenever you're having good peppersoup you're in good company.

Here's  how I made my goat meat peppersoup and oven grilled plantain.



PREP TIME: 15minutes

COOK TIME: 45minutes

TOTAL TIME : 1hour


For Peppersoup

  • Ginger/garlic paste
  • Crushed scotch bonnet 
  • Blended onions 
  • Seasoning powder 
  • Scent leaves 
  • Rosemary (optional)
  • Peppersoup spice
  • Goat meat

Use all above ingredients to taste.

For Oven Grilled Plantain

  • Plantain (desired number)
  • Salt (optional)


For Oven Grilled Plantain

  • Sprinkle salt on plantain if desired.
  • Plantain should be just ripe and still firm.
  • Place plantain on your grill rack and grill for 10 minutes (approx 5 minutes on each side) at 220 C.
  • Don't worry about dark patches on plantain.( It doesn’t change the flavor.)

For Peppersoup

  • Combine all ingredients together except scent leaves and rosemary and cook with little water and pinch of salt until meat is softened. 
  • Add more water to lighten up the stock.
  • Chop scent leaves and add along with rosemary if using.
  • Cover and allow to simmer. 

Serve hot!

Garnish with rosemary herb if you please.

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