How to Make the Perfect Spaghetti (Pasta) Like a Top Chef.


If you want to make spaghetti that is NOT gummy and maintains its length even after cooking then you've come to the right place.

Spaghetti is such a happy meal and it is super easy to make. 

There is a lot about eating spaghetti that inspires good emotions, from the soft, mouth filling texture to the playfully long strands i could eat spaghetti every single day, not to mention the numerous nutritional benefits. The only sad thing about spaghetti would be spaghetti that is not well made. 

The first few times I made spaghetti (when I was like 12 and still learning how to cook) the texture wasn't quite right. I ended up with short gummy spaghetti strands, my mother wasnt pleased. Despite the ease in making spaghetti a lot can go wrong if a few steps aren't properly observed during the making process. 

 I'm here with a few tips on how to make the peefect spaghetti quite like the type you would see on food channels or magazine catalogs and most importantly the type you can take pictures of to show off to your friends on social media.

5 Steps to Making the Perfect Spaghetti

1. Get the right pot size.

When it comes to pasta, the size of the pot you use is very important. Do not use small pots for making pasta. I'd repeat that again, DO NOT! A lot of us find ourselves breaking our pasta in two just so it can fit into the pot but this is a terrible idea because you can never achieve those nice long cooked pasta strands if you break your raw pasta in two. Get a big pot, i know you have one in your pantry and put the full length of your raw pasta(once your water has boiled) in the pot.  I explain more about the boiled water in step 3.

2. Add salt to water

Adding salt to your water is an important step that keeps your spaghetti from being slimy. I know you may be concerned about monitoring your salt intake but you need to put in salt in your spaghetti water. You should put in salt that is enough to taste and not just a pinch or less. I know you like spaghetti that tastes good anyway so don't restrict the salt too much. It's also good for seasoning.

3. Boil water before adding pasta

We all make this mistake especially when we're in a hurry. I remember when my mum taught me how to make spaghetti. Her method was a bit different with adding the spices but she always made it clear to me that i must let her seasoned broth boil before i finally put in the spaghetti, at the time she never gave me any reason why and as you can expect i intentianally 'forgot' to let the water boil maybe because i didn't know why she had that rule, but now i do and i'd share it with you. if you put spaghetti in water that did not boil it will become gummy this is one major spaghetti disaster we all try to avoid.Allow your water  to boil and then add the spaghetti. 

4. Stir Pasta

After your water has boiled and youve put in the spaghetti, stir the spaghetti, cover and let it boil again. This will prevent clumpy spaghetti.

Stirring is important especially when youre working woth long pasta strands. This allows for even distribution of heat allowing your spaghetti to cook well. No one likes undercooked food so make sure you stir your spaghetti. Stirring is important but dont over do it. A lot of Nigerians believe that stirring makes spaghetti burn at the bottom of the pot.


 The problem with burnt spaghetti isnt the stirring but the constant opening of the pot lid. There is a scientific explanation for this which I would explain in another article  but for now just know that you should stir your pasta once or twice for even distribution of spices and proper  cooking

5. Serve immediately

This last step is the easiest and the best. After dreaming of your perfect spaghetti of course you should be ready to eat it as soon as its out of the pot but sometimes we serve spaghetti in a plate and leave it for too long to just sit there maybe because we are too busy with other tasks but leaving your pasta in a plate to go cold doesnt make for an enjoyable meal. 

Pasta is best served warm.

Congratulations! With all these tips you're officially a pro pasta chef!

Was this helpful? Share these tips with your friends and family. The world needs more perfect pasta meals. Enjoy!



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