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I had a fantastic time explaining the health benefits of consuming Iron-rich foods, and Iron fortified foods like Maggi star seasoning,


This pilot episode was on tackling the issue of youth unemployment. I had a young fashion designer and a farmer on the show to discuss their motivation.

Garau-garau in Northern Nigeria is usually a meal that is cooked plain without any ingredients (such as beans, rice, pasta, or a combination of rice and beans), which is later seasoned with spices

Kwadon Zogale or Moringha salad is a simple salad taken in Northern Nigeria. It can be eaten as a cold starter or as a side to rice dishes. I especially love the nutty flavor of the kuli-kuli mix.<

Try this yummy Miyar Taushe recipe. It is normally eaten with Tuwon Shinkafa but you can pair with eba or pounded yam if you wish.

In this recipe,I used cow leg instead brisket bone which i


  • 3 Cups Soya beans
  • 1/3 Cup of lemon juice
  • Salt to taste
  • Stock cubes
  • Yaji


  • Cover soya

Pate is a porridge usually made using grains like corn grits, or acha, along with vegetable or beef broths. In this recipe, I substituted beef with shrimps, and added more vegetables to enrich the

Dantsurku are delicious and very filling fish balls packed with flavour.

Traditionally, it is eaten alone as a light snack in northern Nigeria. They are usually hawked on streets, marke

#slayfestival2018 in Lagos was packed full of powerful and inspiring young women @officialwaje

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