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I had a fantastic time explaining the health benefits of consuming Iron-rich foods, and Iron fortified foods like Maggi star seasoning,


One way Naija mothers show their love - "Have you eaten?"



Sesame seeds are a great addition to your meals. You must be familiar with the Northern sweets "ridi" which are a combination of toasted sesame seeds moulded into sturdy shapes with sugar syrup.


This is one meal that can keep you awake at night once the cravings for it begins. 

You just have to get your fix! I'm sure a lot of Dan wake lovers

 It's almost impossible to walk down any street these days without seeing hot Awara being fried. Awara or fried tofu is a popular food being served by people in the north. It is made from soya bea

I made the traditional Moroccan simple staple meal into something a bit more exotic.

Couscous is a meal that can get boring just as fast as it cooks so I always make sure I make mine with a

An easy recipe of gourmet quality. This potato dish is a delectable meal that is sure to leave you wanting more. It contains tuna, stir-fry veggies and is highly nutritious.

Its po

#slayfestival2018 in Lagos was packed full of powerful and inspiring young women @officialwaje

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